Martha Vazquez

My name is Martha Vazquez. For 35 plus years you saw me on Tucson TV, bringing you the news, then one day you didn't.  It could have been a tragic story, instead it's one with a happy ending.

I was a television journalist for almost four decades, reporting, producing and anchoring the news.  I received many community and professional awards during my career and did a lot of community service for non-profits and organizations helping other. But my career and my life started to fall apart shortly after turning 50.  I was told I was no longer the future of my TV station and felt I was being pushed out.  As my work environment unraveled, my self-esteem went into a freefall.

                                        Feeling Unwanted and Useless

I became deeply depressed withdrawing from family and friends, isolating myself and overeating.  Where once I felt needed and valuable, now I felt unwanted and useless.  All the things that supported my self-esteem at work were gone.  It's amazing what all that stuff does to your head.  In early 2012 I made a very bad choice. I shoplifted clothing and was caught.  The crime ended my TV career and left me with a deep feeling of shame and failure.

                                          Discovering Positive Changes

Shortly thereafter, my husband suggested a change of scenery, time away from Tucson where I could heal.  I was so devastated and in such a black cloud of depression that I agreed.  I had never left home. Tucson was all I knew.

We moved to the Pacific Northwest to a small town in Washington, very rural, very different from Tucson.  I had no family or friends there.  My husband, a dedicated surgeon, was always working.  Rather than helping my depression, the relocation deepened it.

One day I was watching TV and saw a commercial for Positive Changes Hypnosis Centers. I wondered if it could help me lose the 25 pounds I had gained.  I asked my husband what he thought.  He encouraged me to try it.

I drove two hours to Portland, Oregon for a consultation.  I loved what I heard. 

In fact, I had my first session that same afternoon, and so began my journey with Positive Changes.  I was amazed at how it helped me. There were no diets involved, no pills, no points to count.  I lost the weight, but even more important than that, I lost the reasons for my overeating.   I lost the negative self-talk and all that beating up I had been doing to myself.

As many of us know, it's hard enough to have good self-esteem these days.  Everywhere you look, the media is telling you what you should look like, and how much you should weigh.  It's hard to have a handle on who you really are.

                                          Learning to Love Myself

As the pounds melted off, I learned that weight is about valuing yourself. It's not just calorie-in--calorie-out, it's about loving yourself enough to treat yourself well.

I hadn't been taking care of myself physically or emotionally for a long time.

Thanks to Positive Changes, I realized that I had never dealt with the traumas I suffered in my early life.  My father died when I was seven, then my brother died when I was 15. Each loss meant I had to step up and be even more supportive of my mother, who was wonderful, but had very limited work skills outside the home. I stuffed those traumas down and moved ahead because that's what I had to do in order for my mother and I to survive.

Positive Changes Hypnosis helped me achieve balance in my mind.

It didn't absolve me from my bad choices or minimize my traumas, but it allowed me to put them in a mental file cabinet, so to speak, knowing that they are there if I need to refer to them. It helped me to open a new mental file that I am filling with new ideas, new goals and new happiness.

After completing my very first Positive Changes session I said to myself, "I want to bring one of these centers to Tucson. I know it will help a lot of people like it's already helped me."  I didn't base that desire on what someone told me, I actually experienced it myself!  Not only did I go on to finish up my sessions at Positive Changes, I also decided to go back to school and become a certified hypnotist. I graduated in November with my credentials.

                                  Rebuilding my Life, and Helping Others

Without Positive Changes, I wouldn't have had the self-confidence and the self-esteem to get back in the game and do something with the rest of my life.

I am now able to say to myself, "I'm a good person, I know I am. One bad chapter does not end the story." The process changed my thinking, brought down my walls and helped me to get past painful experiences.  I didn't forget them, but now, they are just part of my past.

One of the things I've learned is that personal growth takes place during really hard, dark times in your life. Work accolades are wonderful, but you don't grow from them. It's the tough times and how you bounce back from them, that really builds character and strength.

The beauty of hypnosis is that we can harness its power and use it to improve our daily lives. We all have the power within to deal with issues of everyday life. Hypnosis just gives us the tools to make the changes. Tools to change old beliefs, old habits and old ideas that no longer serve us and introduces new beliefs, new habits and new ideas that enable us to live our best life.

Almost one year ago, I walked into a Positive Changes Center in Oregon to lose 25 pounds. I did. But I also lost a lifetime of emotional baggage and gained a whole new perspective on life.

I am ready to share my Positive Changes to help you get past whatever is holding you back from living a full, happy and productive life. 

* Results not typical and vary based on program adherence from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

Results from a study commissioned by Positive Changes and performed by researchers at The Ohio State University.


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